Our History

Who Are We

At Qomlavy, we understand the complexity of our client’s needs. From embattled CEOs trying to save their company, to campaign manager whose candidate is falling behind in an election, we know that not all problems are created equal. With our partners and mercenaries, we have created a network of solutions providers and elite experts throughout the world who are able to help.

E.K. founded the Qomlavy Networks in 2003 while a sophomore at Florida Tech to create a legal environment to help small businesses solve web marketing challenges and issues, and to test his own SEO and Business theories. Finding music online was a quasi-impossible task for many immigrants in the early 2000′s. While faced with the same issue in his early colleges days, E.K. was approached by MJM Tropical Networks, a media start-up, to lead its marketing efforts. The issue was not simply to produce and distribute media productions, but it was making it “findable and sharable” by those looking for it. The successes and challenges from these projects catapulted E.K. into becoming one of the most on-demand marketing experts around the world, sought after by heads of states, heads of corporations, electronic components brokers, IT solution vendors, international car dealerships, fortune companies, political parties, etc…

Today Qomlavy remains E.K. ’s playground where he brought along several other friends who like him are at the top of their individual industry to identify and solve challenges for clients in the marketplace. The goal is not to have a traditional shop, but to maintain an agency of top performers. No company can boast having this level of diverse talents on the same payroll.

As John Burke puts it “we get the best of all worlds because they do have any allegiance to us, but to the client’s success. No matter what you are trying to get done, we can find you the best person to get that done because we know people, who know people, who know people… and they all owe us a favor!”